Makin Moves - Young, Ambitious Moving Helpers in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you are looking for moving helpers in Myrtle Beach, SC - look no further. We proudly announce: Makin Moves.

As a company who actively seeks out talent, we came across this team after reading an article online about a young man making waves in Myrtle Beach. We really wanted to get to know more about Makin Moves and the young entrepreneur who caught the attention and admiration of Myrtle Beach Online - the media outlet where we found the article.

Moving Helpers in Myrtle Beach

Vincent D’Alessio, 22 (the company owner), moved to the Myrtle Beach at age 17 from Long Island, N.Y., and jumped right into Coastal Carolina University, majoring in Spanish and Marketing.

He saw an opportunity to not just make money, but to help those who needed moving labor help from honest, hardworking able-bodies at an affordable price.

“Some elderly couples talked about movers charging them a bunch of money by the hour - and they didn’t work quickly. I saw an opportunity to change how this was done.” Vincent passionately stated. Think fast & move quick, victory is definitely at his feet.

In a recent phone interview with the Myrtle Beach Mover, it was apparent to my trained ear that his words were backed by sincerity. Good heart, great business ethics and a personality that makes you feel as if you are talking to an good friend (not to mention positive reviews from big named moving labor brokers) made it easy for us to decide to enroll him & his crew into our network.

Makin Moves in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you are looking for reliable, moving help in Myrtle Beach from men who square their action by the rule of virtue, you found them. Simply rent a truck, pack your things & let them take care of the rest.

Moving Labor Rates

  • 2 Movers 2 Hours $120

  • 2 Movers 3 Hours $200

  • 2 Movers 4 Hours $280

  • 2 Movers 5 Hours $360

To reserve a team, click here: Moving Help in Myrtle Beach

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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