More Moving Companies Are Turning to Moving Help Center. Find Out Why!

A lot of the smaller guys (by smaller guys I mean family-owned moving companies) are turning to us for help. Why? Because we help companies grow locally.

Most small moving companies have a hard time competing locally with larger brands, or with individuals low-balling them on some other moving help online marketplaces. We help moving companies by connecting them with the type of clients they are looking for - clients who want more than just two guys to throw their stuff into their rental truck.

Good Clients - Now Available!

We connect companies with clients who want professional grade moving services at a reasonable price - not just cheap moving helpers. As a result, happy clients spread the word like a mason does mortar - all over their wall!

Cheap movers usually come at a high cost - sometimes in terms of stress, damage, not showing up on moving day etc. However, established moving companies with a good reputation maintain their value and reputation by being reliable and actually providing the services clients are hoping for on moving day.

"Its a simple formula really: enlist reputable moving companies with a verifiable online history, connect them with professionals and responsible persons who need their assistance" said Rome C. Dias, operator and program director at Moving Help Center.

Loyalty & Respect - Included!

Some moving labor brokers cut good providers for a variety of reason - most of the companies do not even get the courtesy of a explaination as into why.

We get a least 4-5 applicants a month who have an outstanding record of service - most of them come to us because their account on some other moving help marketplace got deactivated. This trend has been on the rise recently.

Small companies are scared, most of them say that 70%-80% of their moving labor gigs comes in from these online marketplaces - their family's livelihood depends on them. We give a chance to those who we feel are a good match for our moving labor program - in turn, we have a lot of loyal, small business owners in our network.

Are you a moving company looking for more honest, hard-work?

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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