Moving Help Center Officially Opens in UK - Now Available in Kent, England

Moving Help Center - Now Available in UK!

Yep, it's official, we are now taking orders for moving labour in Kent, England. With teams based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, we look forward to connecting people with reliable, strong, reputable moving helpers to load or unload their rental van.

Moving in Kent, England

We make the whole moving easier. Clients provide their own van and we send experienced hands to the clients location to load & unload their furniture, boxes etc for them. Yes, moving is that easy with Moving Help Center.

Why hire a man with a van for more, when you can move for less by renting your own van (or asking a friend for his/hers) and simply hiring an experienced helper or two to take care of the labour part for you? You pack your boxes, they load the van, you drive and they unload your things for you at your new destination. Plain & simple.

Moving Labour Program in UK

Moving Labour Cost in UK

  • 2 Movers 2 Hours for £55

  • 2 Movers 3 Hours for £80

  • 2 Movers 4 Hours for £105

  • 2 Movers 5 Hours for £130

To reserve moving helpers in Kent, England, simply fill out a reservation form online then place a deposit (£15) and you are done. The remaining balance is collected by the movers after your move is complete.

Click here to reserve Moving Labour in Kent

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