Moving Help Center to Reveal it's Big Secret: BestBuy, AT&T, Walmart, Home Depot and a lot more.

Handshakes & Real Deals (Now Available)

Moving Help Center is committed to connecting its clients with the best of the best at the best prices available. As a a result, many companies sign on as a Moving Help Center affiliate.

Unlike moving labor companies and brokers, whose primary focus is on connecting clients with movers to help them load/unload their rental, Moving Help Center connects clients to a plethora of savings relating to moving.

Moving Help Discounts & Super Affiliates

Under lock and key for years, Moving Help Center has been shaking hands and making deals with big shakers & movers; brands such as BestBuy, Budget Truck Rental, Walmart, Kohl's, Home Depot, La-Z-Boy, Expedia, and many more.

"Moving is expensive, and we use our powers to reduce the cost on all fronts. Just like our moving labor providers are required to make us an offer that's exclusive to our brand, we require brands to give offers that are better than their normal price. We are the 'retailmenot' of moving." said CEO, Rome C. Dias.

With over 200 companies signed up and committed to provide us with legitimate & bona fide moving help discounts, Moving Help Center client's, subscribers and social media friends are given special codes and promotional offers from top brands and company's.

"We don't compete for customers, we cooperate with other companies for our clients sake" - Rome C. Dias, CEO, Moving Help Center

"People move for a variety of reasons, and when people move, they tend to need a lot more things than normally anticipated - but we have already anticipated those needs" remarked, Mr. Dias, the new CEO for Moving Help Center. "From moving related items such as truck rentals and portable storage down to shoes and school supplies, we have tons of deals available for those who have just moved and need a little help saving money as they get situated in their new place." He continued.

Moving & Intergration

Most of our clients move into a new city and have no idea on what to do, or how much things should cost. We have deals with companies wishing to welcome them to the city - of course at an exclusive price, setting the stage for the new-comer on how to enjoy their new place for less.

From restaurants to go-carts and bowling, even sky-diving, we will make sure you dive right in to your new city and home.

Shopping & Promo Codes

Our new site and system will go live by 2019. Simply subscribe to our site and start recieving exclusive offers, promo codes and special discounts right to your email box, or catch a deal from our social media profiles.

Moving Help Center: Connecting You With The Best.

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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