Portable Storage Cube Can Fit in Your Parking Space

Is space something you think about? We know we do - and here's something solid to gravitate towards if you are considering a portable storage container for your upcoming move.

Portable Storage Cubes fo Moving

If you are moving from a location with limited space, then a portable storage cube would be the ideal solution. Sure, a portable storage container may fit in theory, but to get it into that space requires some science - and a big truck. Relocubes are the "go-to" solution for those who are moving from a location with limited parking, example: a downtown apartment.

ABF Relocubes can fit into a standard parking space, and to get it there, they just need a little bit of wiggle room.

Portable Storage Moving

According to the U-Pack website, here’s what you’ll need to park a ReloCube:

  • A standard parking space for each Cube (6’ x 7’ x 8’)

  • 40 feet of space during drop-off and pickup (for the trailer to maneuver)

  • 14 feet of overhead clearance free of low-hanging tree limbs and electrical wires

  • A paved, level location (containers cannot be parked on soft ground or grass)

  • Permission for overnight parking (containers may be parked for up to three business days)

How many Relocubes do you need for your move? See here.

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