Texas Beauty Queen Returns Home - Safe & Unsound

Updated: Feb 28

Missing Teen Finds Heart

Yesterday, a mother frantically pleaded out for the safe return of her daughter who went out with friends the night before. In less than 24 hours, the teen daughter returns home from a night out with friends. The mother and father did't give details on what had occurred, but, from the series of posting Facebook users read between the lines.

The Social Timeline

Daughter told her mom she was going out with friends. She goes to a McDonalds then ends up at a college football game with two guys who her mom knows and apparently dislikes. Teen stops answering moms calls, moms calls police, police refuse to assist her, mom turns to Facebook.

Facebook users contact the 18 year old football player who the teen was known to associate with. He replies to the contacts.

The teen beauty queens mom referred to the guys as dangerous and painted an unflattering picture of the teenage ball players.

Lights, Camera & Angled Words

Apart from posting a flaterring picture of her teen daughter up with a banner that says "Found", the parents did not get into the details of what happened the night their teen daughter hung out with athleltic college boys and refused to answer her parents phone calls.

We have no clue or comment. What do you think happened, blog readers?

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