Texas Teen Model Missing in Austin, TX - First 24 Hours!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Miss White Missing

Texas teen model, Lisa White, told her mom that she was going to hang out with friends on Tuesday evening. She was last seen around 5:30pm at a McDonalds a little southwest of the Downtown Austin area.

From there, the teen was said to have made her way to the University of Texas campus to watch two male friends play football. Her mom reports that her daughter was at the field till about 10pm that night.

The Social Timeline

However, around 8:40pm the mother, Michelle L White, posted on her social media page that her daughter was "missing". Then posted a picture of two boys, approximately 18 years of age. The mother said on a Facebook post that she knows the boys and referred to them as "dangerous"

Bad Boys for Life

Amberleigh Ficklen Thomas asked the mother, Michelle "do you know these boys? It is safe to assume this is just teenager shenangans and she isn't in any immediate danger?"

Michelle White responded: "they are both adults, i do know them, but they are reckless and dangerous, if she is with them it could be pissed off teenager, but im not sure she is safe either."

On valentines day, one of the guys posted the picture above saying: "Great valentines party!!!Got these tattoos the other day with the fam. Brothers united and "bad boys for life (happy face and high five). Thank you for staying by my side through the years. Couldn't do this without y'all's support" #blessed #family #badboysforlife #liahona #theflash #speedcheck #brothers."

On the boys social media page, they appear to be athletic types. No signs of gang related activities or menacing behavior.

College Boys Life

A friend of the family messaged one of the boys and he responded to her text. The text was given to the mother via Facebook. The boy claimed that "she used us"

On the mother's social media's page, people were buzzing with ideas. The mother reported that one lead led them to San Antonio, though nothing has been confirmed. Some say that since the boys are adults, if they are with the girl they could be charged with the crime of "harboring a minor", though it is unclear if that's an applicable law to this situation.

iIn Section 25.06 of the Texas Penal Code.

(a) A person commits an offense if he knowingly harbors a child and he is criminally negligent about whether the child:

(1) is younger than 18 years; and

(2) has escaped from the custody of a peace officer, a probation officer, the exas Youth Council, or a detention facility for children, or is voluntarily absent from the child’s home without the consent of the child’s parent or guardian for a substantial length of time or without the intent to return

If anyone has any information or would like to reach out to the grieving mother, please visit Michelle White's Facebook Page or contact local authorities.

Update: February 27th: Texas Teen Beauty Queen Found

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