The Most Expensive, Affordable Town in US: Atherton, CA 94027

Got Cash

Do you have a few millions to invest in a nice home? You do not have to be as tech savy as your neighbors to live in or near Silicon Valley, but you do have to an average of household income of $450,000 to live in this town were the cheapest home is $2.5 million - unfurnished of course.

Altherton, CA wears a triple-crown, crowned three years in a row for being the most expensive town in United States. Tech monguls / billionaires, such as Eric Schmidt of Google and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg call Atherton home.

Deep in Sillicon Valley

"Atherton is the epicenter of Silicon Valley money and it only has ultra-high-end properties," said Michael Simonsen, CEO of Altos Research. Some of the hottest high-tech companies are choosing to base their offices in San Francisco instead of San Jose, Mountain View and Palo Alto - all of which are a short commute away from Atherton.

Business Insider recenty wrote "The town's prestige, privacy, and proximity to major tech companies draw ultra-rich homebuyers, who often pay all cash and bid hundreds of thousands of dollars above asking price."

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According to reports, the average price for a place is around $9,686,164, and homes usually get snatched up within 190 days on the market. So, if you have a few millions to blow on a home, do not hesitate to grab a piece of fine real estate in a prime location: Atherton, CA.

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