Things to Consider When Booking Moving Help Online

So you rented a truck and are now booking moving helpers online. Here are a few tips to help you get a team that's right for your move - and happy to serve you.


When reserving movers help, its always recommended that you let them know exactly what they are walking into - or at least what to expect. Most moving labor companies charge by the hour, not the details of the move.

Movers do report that sometimes client grossly underestimate their move. There have been many instances where the client reserved 3 hours only to find out that 3 hours is barely enough time to scratch the surface of their move. Unfortunately, the movers usually have more loads on schedule for that day and cannot give the client more than one extra hour.

To avoid this issue, many clients and movers talk prior to moving day just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, this gives the mover the option of freeing up a few more hours before the move just to make sure they can help the client with as much as possible. It's not that movers do not like to stay and work overtime, they just have other commitments already on schedule.

Flow of Information

Communication is key to making sure both parties are well informed prior to moving day. We try to process all request as quickly as possible. Clients usually recieve their local teams contact number within hours of booking moving helpers online.

After placing your order, the movers are then sent an email letting them know that they have a new booking. Most of the movers cannot immediately respond because they are out helping clients with move. Most movers glance at their emails throughout the day, but call clients in the evening or the next day while on break. This gives them enough time to review a new booking and make a decision if they can take it or not.

Book in advance, we recommend at least 3-5 days in advance if possible. Although we do have teams who can accomodate same-day or next-day request, not all can. A majority of our teams are booked nearly a week in advance.

Gut Feelings

As a former moving helper, I can tell you one thing that quite often made me look forward to a particular move: food and hydration. Whenever a client makes you feel appreciate before moving day, you already put it in your mind to give them your best performance.

Call your mover a couple of days before the big move and ask the simple question: "Pizza or burger, guys". I bet they will be at your location bright-eyed, bushy-tale and early. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Clients too.

Only Time Will Tell

Last-minute reservations (less than 72 hours to go) can be a little time sensitive. We understand, and so do the movers. Most of the movers who are listed on our site sync their work calendar with our booking system. If it shows they are available, then odds are they are available to take a last-minute request.

A lot of clients looking for movers at last-minute generally need an instant response or phone contact to reassure them that a team is available. We furnish the clients with their local teams contact information so that they can call the movers directly. The movers recieve the reservations in real-time, they know the client has a pending last-minute reservation, quite often, before the client calls them.

Most professional movers are reluctant to give a client an immediate answer, mainly, because they are professional movers and they do not want to tell the client yes without first reviewing the order. Just because the calendar show the movers are available, not all their teams are available - and they want to make sure they have the right men for the job.

Not all moves created equal. Some jobs require heavy-lifters, other require movers who are stairmasters and can run up and down flights of stairs without tiring out quickly. Trust the moving professionals. They do not like to dissappoint clients.

Quote Me

Refrain from underestimating your move, do your best to book your movers in advance, and create a rapport with your moving helpers days prior to moving day. Following these simple suggestions will help relieve a lot of stress - and get you a team that's enthusiastic about taking care of your move.

A token of friendships goes a long way.

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