Why Some Moving Helpers Cancel a Reservation

"Why did the movers decided to cancel my reservation after I booked moving help online?" some clients ask me. Although the reasons can vary, here are some of the common reasons movers say they cancel a reservation after talking to client.

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Movers & Cancellation

Most clients book a service online and then speak with their local movers over the phone after they made a reservation. This is a normal protocol. Sometimes, the mover calls their client after recieving a new order, or sometimes the client contacts the mover before the local moving labor company has seen the new reservation.

Either way, the client speaks directly with their local team, usually within the first 72 hours after their booking. Like they say, the first impression is very important.

Client's Side

"Hi, I just placed an order and I want to know if you got it", client calls the local team within minutes after booking. Most moving helpers cannot reply or answer their phone during normal working hours because, well, they are working - quite often under the hot sun for a client.

"Thank you for booking us, unfortunately, I am on a location at the moment and cannot access the information until later on. I'll call you back as soon as I can" the moving helpers give a standard blanket response while on break.

Return Customers

A large majority of the clients who book movers on understand that the movers cannot talk on the phone while on a move - safety first, and courtesy to the client whose things they are currently moving. No phones calls while moving!

Unfortunately, not all clients accept this. They call the mover back in a few hours - mover does not respond. In the mover's mind, he has already informed the client. A minute later, client calls again - and again a minute later. Temperatures begin to rise on both sides.

Patience is a virtue, and not everyone has it in equal measure. Client immediately calls the local team whose number they recieved shortly after booking. Again, missed call.

The Virtue

Client then calls our 1-800 number and repeats the same pattern. "We placed an order and we want to make sure the movers will be there" client says to us.

"When did you place your order?" the client gets asked by a moving coordinator.

"I just placed it", the client responds. We then proceed to delicately defuse the situation before it blows out of proportion.

The Judgement Call

"Rome, the client that booked yesterday keeps calling and leaving messages" mover reports the excessive calls and even forwards the voicemails left by a client. We commence our protocol.

All the teams must have at least two years of service, verified by numerous online reviews. We also require they they hold good ratings. We call them by phone to see their customer service skills, since this too is of great importance to us.

We look for muscles and consistency in character before we move forward with any team.

The Whole Truth

"I just need two movers for two hours to load a 4 bedroom house into a 26t truck" a client makes a request and books a team. It's an unreasonable request, so the movers call the client to get more information regarding what they need done.

4 Bedrooms, 100+ boxes, refrigerator, washer, dryer, living room set, buffet and dining room set, patio set and grill and a variety of other knicknacks - all loaded with care into a 26ft truck. Also, can the guys wrap some of the furniture in blankets too?

"It shouldn't take too long - the Uhaul will be parked on the driveway." client tells us and the movers too.

Shot's Fired

"Rome, I spoke with this client. They simply have no clue about moving and refuse to entertain the possibility this will take at least 4-6 hours. They demand we get it done in 2 hours. Cancel it before they call me again with unreasonable requests." the local moving company calls the shot. I just deliver the news.

Exploring Options

Let's face it, not everyone is compatible, businesses and clients are the same way. Some moving companies do not have a problem rejecting a work order and refunding the clients deposit based on incompatibility - not just availability.

"I rather not service this client", we sometimes hear local movers report. They have their reasons for rejecting an order, and we have to honor and respect it. Clients and small businesses alike have rights. We help both sides.

Our working relationship with the movers puts us in a unique position. Most of these guys have been on our list for years, we speak regularly. We help them expand and grow - in return they give us special rates. We appreciate it, and so do a lot of our repeat customers.

I call the customer and hope we can come to an agreement. The mover waits on an update.

Order Cancelled

"We regret to inform you, but the provider has cancelled your reservation. Do not worry, you can find the more movers here", I email the client other options to explore in their area and refund their deposit.

In short, movers will cancel if they feel there is something about the client's expectations or the details that will jeopardize the integrity of the move. We all like a work enviroment to be safe and for our workload to be reasonable. Movers are not any different.

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