Two Moving Helper's for Two Hours in Portland, OR for only $175

We recently made a deal with Portland Movers Ready, a well-decorated team who provides moving services in Portland, OR. With over 9 years of experience, well-trained moving helpers with trucks, and recommendations from various moving labor brokers, Portland Movers Ready stays busy - for a good reason too: reliability & effectiveness.


If you are just needing a set of experienced movers to meet you at your location to wrap your furniture, load and/or unload your rental truck, portable storage, trailer etc, you can hire movers with a dolly from Portland Movers Ready and have some of the best movers in Portland help you move.

Booked over 1025 times on Hire a Helper, they maintain a good report with an average rating of 4 stars or more. is a website that collects, maintains data on local moving helpers, and gives customers the ability to read reviews, compare rates and book moving help online. They are leaders in the moving help marketplace - see Hire a Helper.

Moving Labor Rates

  • 2 Movers 2 Hours $175

  • 2 Movers 3 Hours $225

  • 2 Movers 4 Hours $275

  • 2 Movers 5 Hours $325

Need help moving in Portland, OR? Let us get you connected today. Simply fill out our reservation form and get your upcoming move put on Portland Movers Ready schedule.

Visit: Portland Movers Ready

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